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We provide telephone and onsite IT technical support for any computing problems you may have encountered.

Updates & Maintenance

Acuity Solutions can also maintain your website regardless of where it was designed. Maintenance is now essential on all websites as it can provide your clients with the latest news and information on your company. It also gives visitors a reasons to come back again and again as well as increasing your search engine ranking.

Content updating
Using information provided by yourself or your contact point at Acuity Solutions. We will add or update the information on your site.

Examples of this content: new product information, latest offers, press releases and much more. We can also add images either supplied by you or from our professional outsourced photographers.

Page Addition
We can add new content to your site and link them to your existing pages. We can also add new features to your site that will otherwise require a full website redesign.

Checking For and Repairing Dead Links
Even if you haven’t updated your site in months there’s a good chance that some of the links on your site no longer work. This usually happens when you link to another site that deletes the page you are linking to or if a file in your site is accidentally deleted without your knowledge. As part of our website maintenance service we will check your entire site for broken links.

Search Engine Check
We will check your pages to ensure that they are search engine friendly. Making sure that your site gets the most traffic possible from the world’s leading search engines which is vitally important for business development.

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